ELM Solutions


ELM Solutions

ELM Computer Technologies Limited, a leading service provider in information and communication technologies, has formulated various solutions in supporting different aspects of business activities. Different user groups covering both internal and external users can take advantages of the solutions to streamline their operations with strengthened capabilities and at the same time with improved efficiency.


ELM Solutions cover multi-dimensions in your business operations. The following is the summary of the solutions that helps provide a brief introduction for reference. Please click the solution name on the left for details of the solution.


Access and Identity Management Solution

The solution helps streamline your access life-cycle management for both internal and external users. It provides web and federated Single Sign-on to end users across multiple applications.


Automation on System Operations Solution

The solution automates all workload management tasks for organizations. It can automate, plan, and control the processing of an enterprise’s entire production workload.


Enterprise Asset Management Solution

The solution helps track and manage your assets during their lifecycles in an organization. It provides a complete view of an organization’s total assets that helps to identify area for performance improvement.


Enterprise Mobile Management Solution

The Enterprise Mobility Management Solution covers all your mobility needs from strategic planning to device management to end-user applications and network infrastructure.


Enterprise Services Portal Solution

The Enterprise Services Portal Solution provides a single access point to web content and applications, while delivering differentiated, personalized experiences for each user.


Enterprise Storage Management Solution

The solution helps manage and protect data by providing backup and recovery, space management, archiving, business resilience, and disaster recovery for organizations.


Infrastructure and Application Performance Management Solution

The solution manages your complex environment and helps determine the root cause of critical cross-platform application problems.


IT Services Management Solution

IT Services Management Solution provides a single, unified platform to manage multiple service management best practice processes.


Platform Virtualization and Provisioning Solution

The  solution helps dynamically build an automated environment with virtualization and provisioning capabilities that cope with the demand for Software Defined Environment or Cloud infrastructure.